Ottawa bathroom Renovations



If a whole bathroom renovation is not in your budget there are a few ways that are budget friendly and can make a world of difference for your bathroom.

You can spruce up any bathroom space without having to change the tile or do any  major plumbing or demolition  projects. A bathroom makeover is pretty simple and is easy to do. Here are some quick and easy tips that can give your bathroom a beautiful updated look without breaking the bank.Ottawa bathroom Renovations


The easiest way to make a room look different and give it a fresh and clean look, is to change the colour of the paint. We believe that colour is the most affordable way to change the atmosphere and look of any room. Colours can add your personal style and touches to your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors as they will make your bathroom a little more dramatic, If you are trying to open up a small bathroom then consider lighter shades of paint, as they make the room feel a little larger. Don’t think that paint is only to be used on walls, you can update old tired looking cabinets by painting them too. Of course you must use the appropriate type of paint finishes for walls and cabinets. If your tiles are old and dingy, there is also types of paint that can be used to make them look like new again.






You should give your bathroom a thorough purge and major clean-up. Start with the medicine cabinet by tossing out all old medications, also check all expiry dates on old unused meds. Throw out any old makeup that is not being used and anything else that may be collecting dust and taking up extra storage space in drawers and cabinets. Control hair and cleaning product clutter by organizing them in bins under the sink. Also keep all extra shampoo bottles, tooth paste, toilet paper, and soaps in storage bins under the sink. Minimizing all the clutter on your counter tops will make the bathroom feel like new again.

Ottawa Basement Renovation

Tips BEFORE finishing a Basement

Things you should take into consideration before finishing a basement it will make it go a lot smoother. There are always a multitude of things that can go wrong so I’ve worked with many home owners to finish their basements in Ottawa so I have some knowledge of potential issues although I’ve only ever basement finished once.


The old basements in many older homes were not built with the intention of a living space in mind. Before any basement remodel a measurement of ceiling height should be taken into consideration for the new plans. A record of placements of duct work should be included in the plans because they might need to be moved around to make room for the new plans


A proper professional plan and design will ensure that the basement is no longer a dark dungeon ,consider using a large window to allow natural light to come in, keep in mind that this will require digging up the foundation.Ottawa Basement Renovation


When designing your basement keep in mind what you will be using your basement for, you might have young children right now, that need play space, these kids are growing up, you don’t want to plan just for the next 2 or 3 years. Design the basement to meet all the families changing needs. Also consider the resale value of a basement transformation.

Ottawa Kitchen Renovation

Beyond Kitchen Cabinets - Tips for Your Next Kitchen Improvement Project

We shall explore your next home kitchen improvement proposition. As the experts in Ottawa home improvement we have assisted thousands of home owners create the kitchen of their dreams. When planning your next kitchen renovations it is a good idea to picture your dream kitchen in your head first. By looking through examples from websites, showrooms, home depot, etc. you get a better idea of what you want your kitchen to look like.Ottawa Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Cabinetry: 
Do you want oak? Vaneer? Pressed wood? Pine? The type of cabinets you choose create the look/feel of your new kitchen. If money is tight in your situation then it would be recommended that you go with a special non-oak cabinet that gives the appearance of oak. This vaneer material gives your kitchen renovation the look and feel of oak without the price of oak, which is perfect for budget conscience customers. The type of wood you choose dictates the wood grain and textures that your kitchen’s character will display. If you are looking for a modern look then perhaps a pine kitchen will suffice if you are looking for a rich looking kitchen then maybe oak is your choice, or maybe you want a contemporary look therefore birch wood would be perfect for you.

The type of countertop you choose will set the overall tone of your new kitchen remodeling project, so it is critical to make the right choice. Whether you go with granite, laminate, or any other stone/solid there is always a cost associated with each material choice. The most costly would be the stone countertops and least costly would definitely be the laminate kitchen counters. Granite and Quartz are the highest you can go for a granite countertop solution. Going with a vinyl/laminate still provides a nice look without hurting the wallet, it would be the cheapest material for countertops.

Kitchen flooring and Accessories 
The last, but not least, items to check off your list would be the kitchen floor, the kitchen backsplash, and the kitchen faucets. Choosing wisely will make your kitchen upgrade look like it was made for a prince. Let’s start with the floor, a very common installation for kitchen flooring would be ceramic or porcelain tiles. Installing ceramic stones ensures durability, water protection, and a beautiful kitchen that you will be happy with. It is recommended not to use hardwood flooring due to water damage because of high water exposure. After you have tackled the kitchen tiles you have to decide on what faucets to go with, which is usually very easy because a simple trip to your local hardware store will give you more than enough kitchen ideas to work with. Last but not least the backsplash you choose will dictate the accent of your kitchen; you can either go with a simple tile design or a beautiful mosaic finish. 
The most popular type of backsplash would definitely the standard ceramic tile with the occasional accent here and there, if you wish to go higher end then mosaic tiles or glass tiles would suit your fancy.

Armed with knowledge about kitchen cabinets, kitchen counter-tops, and kitchen tiles as well as accessories you are well on your way a kitchen design that you can be happy with. If you are thinking of a classic kitchen design or a new kitchen system then the kitchen design ideas expressed in this article should give you some tips/tricks to help you better understand your upcoming kitchen renovations. When planning your next kitchen renovations please consult a trained professional to assist you in avoiding a kitchen nightmare.

Rico Valdez - Associate writer for Abbas & Company, the local leader in Ottawa Kitchen improvements and Ottawa Renovations. Please visit our website for ideas for your next kitchen renovation.

Ottawa home additions

Haunted Places In Ottawa? Really?

 Being a resident in Ottawa for my entire life, I thought it would be interesting to find out if this Capital had some Spook. Working in an Ottawa Home addition company which also has me curious if any of these haunted homes were renovated. Doing some research I found many places that people have claimed are haunted. Here our a couple that I actually went and visited in the past few weeks, and found they make a great outing for family and friends, looking for something different to do.


This building was the Carleton county jail from 1862 to 1972.

It was a maximum security institution, with very tiny cells and no glass on the windows. Public executions were actually carried through there in the past. The building is now owned by Hostelling International, who bought it in 1973. Hostelling now host tours and even overnight stays at the jail, for thrill seekers to experience.,This site was where the last official hanging in Canada took place. It happened to be of an innocent victim named PJ Wallen, who was accused of the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee . Many visitors to the jail report being really freaked out and terrified upon visiting the jail. So if you don’t mind being spooked its a cool place to go to and even have a sleep over there in one of the old cells. Many guests to the jail house reported to have felt strange, ominous energy upon entering some of the many rooms. Many have also claimed to have heard sounds of crying and screaming of women and children.


Many visitors to this hotel leave convinced that is haunted . The Chateau Laurier was founded by a business tycoon by the name of Charles Melville Hays. The hotel was to have its grand opening in June 1912. Unfortunately, Hays tragically died on the Titanic just days before the great affair, and missed this great occurrence. For over a 100 years visitors to the hotel claim to see the ghost of Charles walking up and down the ways of the hotel. Staff and guests both claim to hear sounds of whistling across the corridors, late in the night hours. Others have claimed to see a shadow watching them in their rooms. Some reported having things moved around and thrown to the floor like cups, ashtrays, brushes, and other small articles.