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Haunted Places In Ottawa? Really?

 Being a resident in Ottawa for my entire life, I thought it would be interesting to find out if this Capital had some Spook. Working in an Ottawa Home addition company which also has me curious if any of these haunted homes were renovated. Doing some research I found many places that people have claimed are haunted. Here our a couple that I actually went and visited in the past few weeks, and found they make a great outing for family and friends, looking for something different to do.


This building was the Carleton county jail from 1862 to 1972.

It was a maximum security institution, with very tiny cells and no glass on the windows. Public executions were actually carried through there in the past. The building is now owned by Hostelling International, who bought it in 1973. Hostelling now host tours and even overnight stays at the jail, for thrill seekers to experience.,This site was where the last official hanging in Canada took place. It happened to be of an innocent victim named PJ Wallen, who was accused of the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee . Many visitors to the jail report being really freaked out and terrified upon visiting the jail. So if you don’t mind being spooked its a cool place to go to and even have a sleep over there in one of the old cells. Many guests to the jail house reported to have felt strange, ominous energy upon entering some of the many rooms. Many have also claimed to have heard sounds of crying and screaming of women and children.


Many visitors to this hotel leave convinced that is haunted . The Chateau Laurier was founded by a business tycoon by the name of Charles Melville Hays. The hotel was to have its grand opening in June 1912. Unfortunately, Hays tragically died on the Titanic just days before the great affair, and missed this great occurrence. For over a 100 years visitors to the hotel claim to see the ghost of Charles walking up and down the ways of the hotel. Staff and guests both claim to hear sounds of whistling across the corridors, late in the night hours. Others have claimed to see a shadow watching them in their rooms. Some reported having things moved around and thrown to the floor like cups, ashtrays, brushes, and other small articles.